KAIZAN is a thinkable approach for Solving Programming Problems….!

While going through any Programming problems we can divide the whole problems into chunks of small modules likewise dependent or independent modules.

Example :-

Let suppose we have to add two numbers in reverse way. The number stored in the LinkedList

l1 = 7->4->8

l2 = 3 ->3->4

Answer will be: 0 -> 8 ->1 ->2

How to divide into the chunks…..!

  1. Multiple inputs and outputs which are controllable and non-controllable.
  2. Variables can be easily analyzed to obtain technical efficiency.
  3. Each decision-making unit (DMU) is compared with other DMUs that provide TE with best-performed DMUs set as the benchmark/peer for each inefficient unit.
  4. No prior weight of inputs and outputs is required.

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