What if AI takes over the charge of the World.

When Language Fails, destruction happens….!


The word “artificial intelligence” was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy, a researcher who later founded AI labs at MIT and Stanford.
During the initial days, the engineers of AI did not accept that machines could behave intelligently and did not recognize the possibility that machines will ultimately far exceed all the intellectual actions of any man!


The present stage of AI is restricted where it exists in our world today. Narrow AI is AI that is programmed to perform a single task — whether it’s checking the weather, being able to play chess, or analyzing raw data to write journalistic reports.
AI can now beat human intelligence in many regions! You may be familiar with some of these ‘AI beats human champions’ competitions like quiz, Dota 2, Chess, Go, etc… And current one GPT-3, rover, etc…


Machine learning (Seed AI): To put it frankly, Seed AI would have to possess ‘recursive self-improvement’ abilities where it would be able to iteratively regenerates itself by recursively revising its source code without human intervention.
Complete brain emulation: Instead of training the AI from scratch, What if we downloaded our brain into a thumb drive and plug it into our processor?
Biological Cognition


It can improve the hardware it runs on and obtains better hardware. It will be capable of immediately editing its code.
Where a task can be accomplished repetitively, a module performing the task far more efficiently might be developed.
It will have an indefinite life span, be capable of reproducing, and transfer knowledge, skills, and code among its copies as well.


AI will replace human beings in some jobs and industries and that much is necessary.
If it goes into the wrong hands then it can be programmed to do something destructive.
What if AI is programmed to do something advantageous, but it develops a destructive method for achieving its goal.


Focusing more on AI SAFETY Implementing more regulations on AI. More Ethical laws Monitoring AI developments Teaching AI with humanity And ultimately turning humans to develop AI for social good not to destroy humanity